Reviews – The Keeper of Magical Creatures

See what readers have to say about The Keeper of Magical Creatures!
(Reader Ages 11 – 60+ and everywhere in between)

“It was my favorite book I’ve ever read!…”

“…amazing story!”

“…I am an avid reader and I seriously couldn’t put this book down!”

“I’ve never read this genre before, but I REALLY liked it!…”

“I LOVE the names…and the relationship between the women is captivating!”

“…The relationship that grows between the women is so well written…”

“…I loved how it went from one adventure to another…and I loved the description of the magical creatures.  I could vividly picture each adventure in my mind!”

“This book would make a GREAT  movie!”

“I kept thinking about the story as I went about my day.  I couldn’t wait to get back to reading it!”

“I was sad to stop reading when it was time to get back to work!”

“I was thoroughly engrossed in the story!…”

“I could see it as a movie in my head as I read it…”

“I love the magic and the imagination it inspired…”

“I loved the way the author ended each chapter…making the reader excited to start the next…”

“I certainly didn’t expect that ending!”

“The ending was perfect…I can’t wait to read the next book in the series!”

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